Bali Film School

Bali Film School

The Direct Gateway to your Cinematic Career

Bali Film School (BFS) is dedicated to empowering students to take control of their career.

We provide a true simulation of the film industry workforce to ensure students will be ready,

well trained and confident in their abilities upon graduating.

The current state of attempting to enter the film industry workforce:

A standard film environment is fast paced, elite and requires focus. This means it is very hard to gain

knowledge, experience and access to the industry if you do not personally know someone that already

works in the industry. Then, when you do manage to get onto a production set, nobody has the time or

patience to truly train you. It is a very hard industry to enter without true guidance, training, and network.

The Solution? Bali Film School

Unique Educational Approach

We will create a true simulation of the film workforce environment. It is immersive, it is practical, and it is a hands-on learning experience. Get in-depth knowledge of the extensive variety of film equipment, cinematic storylines and how to become a legitimately skillful creator.

Taught by Global Professionals

BFS is taught by top world-class professionals to make you into a top world-class professional. This means you will learn how to work both on Indonesian & International productions at the highest professional degree, and will ensure your knowledge is continually up-to-date & accurate with the ever changing landscape of the film industry.

Pipeline to Career

BFS is adamant about putting you on track to monetising your career. That is why we have built an extensive affiliation network that expands across the world, from Indonesia to Hollywood & everything inbetween. You will intern on Production Companies, on real sets and build your own network to grow from through our gateway.